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"Dan Dawes enhanced our wedding day with personal touches that captured our guests attention and made our whole night a fun, exciting time for all!"
Rachel // August 20

"Dan really interacted with everyone well at the wedding! He had everyone excited, dancing, and staying active during the wedding. There was never a dull moment during the entire reception!"
Elicia // August 14

"We enjoyed having Dan very much. He was professional, very prepared, and knew what he was doing. He engaged the audience extremely well and everyone enjoyed him. He read the audience well and continued to play music that kept the crowd on the dance floor. We would hire Dan again."
Robyn // May 09

"We were very impressed with Matt's level of professionalism and attention to details. Every request we had was completed and in a timely fashion. I really loved that Matt planned down to the minute what the night would entail. I felt like I didnt have to worry about anything! It was fantastic. Everyone said the reception hall was amazing due to Lighthouse Entertainment. The music selection was great, and I would recommend Matt Mizell to anyone hosting a large event."
Matt & Kaitlin // October 03

"You really are the most amazing DJ ever, Matt! I cant tell you how many people came up to us and told us how incredible you are, and how hope to contact you to DJ an event for them. Seriously, you MADE our reception buddy, and we cant thank you enough!"
Matt & Melanie // September 05

"Matt is a very easy guy to get along with, and very professional. Hes a bit expensive, but worth every penny! Thank you again so much for the great wedding music! Everything was perfect, and I appreciate your attention to detail! We will be sure to recommend you to all of our family and friends!"
Sheree & Dana // August 29

"We loved the fact that Matt looked fabulous and formal. He knew the evening was about the bride and groom. He added his own humor when appropriate, and did exactly as we wanted. The music was fabulous."
Wayne & Holly // June 27

"The attention to detail by Matt and his wedding timeline really took the burden off of us to make sure everything went according to plan. When we had to move inside for the ceremony instead of outside, Matt was very quick and professional. It was a last-minute decision due to bad weather, but Matt seemed to be prepared for everything. Also, the Love Story was a great part of our reception. People still come up to me a year later and laugh about how Amy and I got together. This is due to Matts storytelling."
Marc // May 30

"Thank you so much for the tremendous job at our wedding it was absolutely wonderful! I have heard nothing but rave reviews for you! It was honestly better than I ever could have imagined! The music was perfect! I just can't say enough how wonderful it was! The love story presentation was fabulous! There were so many in attendance who never really knew the whole story! I never really knew Garrett's whole side either. You were prepared, in charge, calm, cool, and collected. You are able to keep things moving without rushing or dragging. My day was absolutely perfect. It would not have been so wonderful if you had not been such an instrumental part of the entire event. Thank you for bringing new avenues of communication to us! Splendid! It was truly a day that I won't soon forget."
Ashley // May 24

"Matt single-handedly made our reception fantastic. He had complete control of the night, and we didn't have to worry about a thing. He was poised and professional in his presentation of our love story, yet so personal and intimate that our guests assumed he had known us for years. Some guests even joked that our centerpieces should have been tissues because everyone was so touched by the story he shared. Many friends and family may have walked in knowing only one of us well, but they all left knowing us as a couple. One of the greatest things about having Matt as our DJ was his ability to read the crowd and energize them accordingly. Six months later, our guests still comment on all of the empty tables and chairs during the reception because everyone was on the dance floor having a great time! People have said, "We don't know what it was about your reception, but all of the guests were having so much fun!" We tell them Matt is the reason it was such a great time, and he was the best choice we made during our planning! Matt's assistance during our wedding preparation was incredibly valuable. He had solutions for any problem imaginable, and suggestions that simplified our planning process. Being an out-of-town couple, we especially appreciated how accommodating Matt was in scheduling pre-wedding meetings. When people ask if we had a wedding planner, we say, "We didn't need one, our DJ gave us all the help we needed!" We promise to continue singing your praises, and will surely see you at upcoming events!"
Chris & Kristie // December 13

"We are extremely satisfied with your service! You were one of the few people who did everything you said you would do. After dealing with many different vendors, I know how rare that is. Your planning before the event made everything go very smoothly, and all our guests had a great time because you did such a great job. You were very easy to work with, and we got a lot of compliments on your job!"
Maureen & Anthony // August 30

"I am not picky about music, but everyone else in my life is, so I knew they would love Matt. He went out of his way to entertain our non-traditional music requests, but still kept everyone dancing! Also, the lack of advertising at your events is a great plus! You are worth more than what you charge."
Clair & Patrick // August 16

"Matt was very professional and relieved a lot of stress from the Bride and Groom. He was much more than an ordinary DJ; he took the time to get to know us on a personal level and make sure our wedding was everything we dreamed. Everything was great!"
Courtney & Matt // August 09

"Matt took care of everything for our wedding, allowing us to just enjoy our special day. We are extremely satisfied!"
Annette & Derek // August 02

"Matt is extremely professional and fun to work with! His attention to detail made it very easy to see why he is one of the best DJs in the state. The extensive music library was great because it made our music selections better and more personalized. I will recommend Matt to anyone I know who is getting married. We have had people come up to us weeks after the wedding telling us how much they enjoyed our DJ. Thank you so much!"
Katie & Seth // July 04

"Lighthouse Entertainment far surpassed our expectations of a DJ service. Matts preparation with us leading up to the wedding was extremely helpful, and he was able to accommodate last minute changes upon our request. Lighthouse Entertainment offered a complete package that made our wedding special."
Connie & Antonio // June 28

"You were very helpful with our reception planning, and gave both Katherine and I confidence that our reception would be organized and fun. We still get comments about how much people enjoyed our wedding and music, and we feel that your planning suggestions and DJing were a BIG part of the reason it went so well. We went to a wedding a week later and realized that the DJ can really make or break the party and you made our party! You rock!"
Katherine & Greg // June 21

"The music selections were great! I liked that you played a lot of the music that I like and still kept the guests dancing. It was also very nice of you to play songs that Erics friends requested at the end of the reception. The ceremony felt a little unorganized, and we wish we had hired you to have been a part of it. However, I was relieved to have you there to organize the reception. We enjoyed it knowing that you were there to keep things moving. Many of my friends and family said were professional and played great music. Thank you Matt! We appreciate all that you have done!"
Jessica & Eric // June 08

"John and I were able to enjoy our reception knowing that everything was taken care of. We had set a timeline previously with Matt and the evening flowed beautifully. Thank you for everything, Matt. We had a great time at our reception, and we couldnt have asked for a better evening."
Alison & John // May 31

"I have been to countless weddings, and you are hands down the best DJ I have ever heard!"
Duncan // May 25

"Everything was great! I had no idea that our DJ would also coordinate the entire ceremony and reception. Ive been recommending you to everyone I know whos getting married! Thanks Matt!"
Lizzie & Charles // May 23

"Matt played the songs we wanted, which were a little atypical for most weddings. He was very insightful and knew the vibe we were going for and played the songs we suggested, plus others that we love in a great order to set the tone of the evening. He also did a fantastic job with the Love Story, which everyone really appreciated. People are still commenting about how fun it was to hear our perspectives come together. Overall, Matt was very professional and made the evening come together beautifully. We had a ball and couldnt be happier with the music and the Lighthouse service! Matt, thank you so much for all of your good work that helped make our wedding so much fun! It was great to get to know you, and we are so happy with the way our wedding turned out. Thanks so muchour wedding was fun everything we hoped and dreamed. You are worth every penny!"
Anna & Andrew // May 17

"Matt was amazing! He exceeded our expectations for our wedding. He was extremely professional, organized, and interacted great with our guests. He played a large role in the success of our special day. We would absolutely recommend his services to anyone who is looking for a DJ. We are very pleased!"
Cara & Evan // April 12

"Matt is outstanding! He is energetic, professional, knowledgeable, and made our wedding exceptional. Our guests are still calling and complimenting our DJ selection! I have been a part of the dance and music industry for over ten years, and Matt Mizell is by far the best DJ I have ever encountered. Thank you!"
Jamie & Manny // January 19

"Matt, thank you very much for such a wonderful night! Dan and I were blown away! It was absolutely awesome to see everyone moving! Thank you, thank you! You truly gave us everything we had asked for!"
Marianne & Daniel // October 27

"Dear Matt, We just wanted to send a quick note of appreciation for making our reception such a fun experience. As you could see for yourself, our friends definitely had a great time. The music and flow of the evening was total us thanks to you!"
Margaret & Quinn // October 20

"I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent job you did at our wedding! You seriously made it a great party! I had the best time and was amazed at how smoothly you kept everything going. I was able to really enjoy myself knowing you had our timeline and were making sure we stuck to it. I could enjoy the moments instead of worrying about what was coming next. To see my cousin behind the tables being the DJ for a moment was priceless. He still talks about that today. The little things you thought of and added to our wedding really made it special. You are fabulous and I would get married all over again to Billy of course =o), just to have you as the DJ again! Thank you again for everything!"
Bridget // October 12

"Matt, we are so fortunate that you were our DJ and Master of Ceremonies! The music was awesome, you had great timing with everything, and the reception was so much fun!"
Jena Marquez & Eddie // September 22

"Matt was extremely helpful, not only with music, but the entire wedding experience. We had no worries at our wedding because he was so professional. Matt really was the heart of the wedding that made everything flow flawless. Were grateful to have had him as our DJ."
Samantha & Sean // September 01

"Matt wow I dont even know where to start! You take such a personal and genuine interest in your events. You made a point to be not only flexible, but also to absorb all the stress and worry that comes from planning a wedding. Not only do you have excellent taste and selection in music, but you are also a master emcee! You are creative, vivacious, personable, and engaging! Thank you for making our day extra special!"
Tiffany & David // August 10

"The way you took control of everything was so fantastic! We really appreciate that you were able to work with the time schedule to optimize with the photographers time. You were so efficient that I didnt even notice you throughout the night. The event was perfect, and I didnt have to stress at all!"
Jennifer & Phillip // July 07

"We had an absolute blast! Every guest weve talked with since the wedding has told us that our wedding was the most fun reception they have ever been to. We loved being able to interact with our DJ the entire night, rather than just having someone pushing buttons to play music. Thanks for traveling such a long distance for our wedding!"
Cheri & Eric // June 23

"Thanks Matt! Jenn and I thought you were fantasticthings went so smoothly! Many of our guests commented on how great they thought you were, and several of them asked for your information. If Im giving your ago a boost, then you deserve it. You made one of the most important events in our lives the best it could be."
Paul & Jennifer // June 10

"We had such a terrific time at our reception and we know you had a great deal to do with that. You took the time to play all our requests and definitely added those special touches that made everything personal. That was the first time me and my wife danced together and we will always remember it. Along with everyone else who made our day special, we know that we will not have to think for a second when recommending you to my friends and family. Thank you!!!"
Ted & Kylee // March 03

"I loved how Matt got involved with our guests! He also played really good music that was appropriate and exactly what we wanted. I would recommend him to anybodyhe made our wedding day just perfect!"
Robert & Amanda // September 02

"We love the variety of music that was played and how everything flowed so well! We had a great night thank you for making it one we wont forget!"
Justin & Audree // August 06

"Matt was very attentive to the needs of the Bride, Groom, and wedding party throughout the entire evening. His ability to plan out an event and execute it make him a DJ above all others."
Jeremy & Carla // July 07

"Matt with Lighthouse Entertainment provided excellent sound support for an outdoor wedding I officiated on 30 June, 2006. I have had no better sound support for an outdoor ceremony, and I have done wedding services all over the world."
Rev. Kenneth // June 30

"The organization of the whole event was so good! I loved how we did not have to think or worry about anything. Matt was so good with all of our guestshe seemed like he was having fun and celebrating with us rather than just doing the job of a DJ. Matt really goes above and beyond any other DJ. I had so many of my guests say how much fun they had because the music was so good. It was awesome!"
Nathan & Devin // June 23

"We so impressed with your professionalism and organization! You had everyone dancing... you just created a fabulous atmosphere! We just sat back and had a great time and felt confident in putting the rest in your able hands!"
Camila & Chris // June 18

"Matt Mizell as a person and his company offer more than anyone or any other company we have ever seen! We could not have done our wedding without you, Matt! Thank you so much for all your willingness to be available for all of our needs and for making our day so special. We will find excuses for parties in the future so we can use your services, and will continue to refer you and your company to everyone from New Mexico to St. Lucia!"
Marc & Janelle // June 11

"It was such a wonderful wedding and I give a lot of credit to Matt on the reception. I really loved all the interaction he had with my guests! He offered me tons of patience, consideration and thoughtfulness! I'm a very picky, hard-to-please individual... and Matt over-exceeded my expectations in everything!"
Vincent & Valerie // May 13

"Wow... what an incredibly beautiful and special day our wedding was! And, it certainly would not have been so without all of your hard work. Everything you did for us, including our extremely different tastes in music, all our crazy family members and friends, and all our unusual and special requests of you, was just spectacular! You really helped us remember the day!"
Jason & Rebecca // April 22

"We were only two minutes into the reception, and people were already coming up asking who my DJ was! They love you Matt!"
Sherman McCray // March 25

"Oh my goodness... I just went to our photo gallery to see your pictures from our wedding and it's amazing! I would call you, but the page just uploaded and I'm in tears from hearing Carl's speech again!!! Words can't describe how thankful we are to you for everything you did for us last weekend!! We had the perfect day, and a lot of it is thanks to you! We are eternally grateful!!!"
Clarey & Carl // March 18

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